A NEW multi-storey car park is in the pipeline for Guiseley.

Leeds City Council has agreed to get consultants to prepare the first phase of a scheme which would redevelop the existing car park at Netherfield Road.

The overall costs, estimated at £6 million, would be funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority as part of a region-wide push to increase parking beside railway stations.

The report presented to Leeds also sought approval to spend £143,000 on the preparatory work for the Guiseley project and to prepare a planning application.

It stated that doing so would "start the process of redeveloping the existing Netherfield Road car park site into a multi-storey facility, creating valuable additional parking near to the station."

The document adds that: "The car park is a short walk from Guiseley train station. As the train station itself has limited parking, Netherfield Road car park provides a good alternative for parking.

"Parking is also free at Netherfield Road car park and, as such, it is increasingly being used as a park-and-ride facility for people travelling into Leeds by train.

"Such is the current demand, the car park fills up quickly in the morning and there is now added pressure on the surrounding streets for train users’ cars.

"Ward Councillors are supportive of the proposal and acknowledge the current parking issues within Guiseley.

"One Councillor (however) had specific concerns over the clock tower which currently sits on the car park. This will need to be carefully considered in any future proposals."

Local councillors have welcomed the move, while stressing that the clock tower - which houses the clock from the now-demolished Crompton Parkinson factory - must be incorporated into the new development.

Councillor Pat Latty (Con, Guiseley & Rawdon) said: "Whilst I recognise and fully support the need for this expansion of a now fully used car park, and that Guiseley desperately needs greater parking provision, I want to emphasise that the Parkinson Clock must have a prominent place on the site.

"It was saved from the demolition of the Crompton Parkinson factory and has a place in the hearts of Guiseley people."

Councillor Paul Wadsworth (Conservative) agreed. He said: "I have been pressing for this development for some time.

"I am pleased that money has been found to start the process – as I believe it will protect our residents from the blight of anti-social parking in the streets surrounding the train station.

"I hope the design of the car park will include a display for the clock that currently sits on the site.

"It is a splendid piece of architecture in its own right, and links back to the industrial past of Guiseley that must not be forgotten."