A SPECIAL service to remember animals will be held at St John's, Ben Rhydding on Sunday, May 27 with owners invited to bring along their cats, dogs, rabbits or any other pets they might have, that will not be intimidated by the unfamiliar surroundings.

The service will be led by the Rev Peter Willox and Pastoral Care Co-ordinator Sylvia Walker. “Many of us have companion animals and this service is a way to to honour them and acknowledge their value to us but we'll be considering animals in the wider world too," said Sylvia.

“We'll be remembering farmed animals too - many experiencing all kinds of adverse conditions, housed in industrial-type units where they don't have chance to thrive or flourish according to their natural inclinations. They're often denied natural light, the right foods and animal company; sometimes even enough space to move about. Others are transported – alive – many, many miles without the basic conditions they need to be comfortable.”

Animal cruelty is also a recurring topic highlighted in the media with reports of ivory poaching and elephant massacres, illegal logging activities which devastate the habitats on which many species of animal life depend, and polluted rivers and oceans.

“As well as the animals, we'll be remembering and praying for those who care for them and seek to enhance their welfare such as vets and national organisations like the WWF, Compassion in World Farming and the RSPCA," added Sylvia.

The service starts at 2pm.

For further information call e-mail: scwalker@talktalk.net or call 01535 652915.