A COLLAPSED gully which has caused flooding on the A65 into Ilkley for almost two years has finally been repaired.

The flooding near the Tesco garage has become a familiar occurrence but now the problem appears to have been resolved after Bradford Council sent contractors to carry out work last weekend. They are due to return on Sunday to finish the work.

Ilkley councillor Anne Hawkesworth said it looked as though the drain had been repaired after countless attempts.

She added: "The tree roots which have been blocking the exit into the river also appear to have been cleared.

"The gully drain has been blocked and caused flooding across the A65 for almost two years. At times the water has completely covered the road which it is fortunate in frosty weather didn't cause accidents."

Workmen began cutting the tree routes last Sunday and removed a substantial amount of debris. They are now planning to return to remove the blockage from the river bank.

At a meeting of Ilkley Parish Council this week Cllr Hawkesworth told members: "It has been appalling. It has been there for nearly two years."