A REDUNDANT pumping station could be given a new lease of life as a two bedroomed house.

An application has been submitted to Leeds City Council to convert the water tower which is a familiar landmark on Moor Top Lane in Guiseley.

The building, with its tower in the style of a castle turret, is 20 metres away from a covered redundant water tank reservoir which would once have provided gravity fed drinking water for Guiseley. The building is also next to a 25 metre telecommunications tower.

An application to Leeds City Council says the proposed development would bring the pumping station back into use and save it from future dilapidation.

In the design statement submitted to the council the scheme is described as “an honest addition to an interesting

looking structure which could be easily reverted back to the existing building form and character if ever needed. “

It has prompted a positive reaction from Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum.

Spokeswoman Jennifer Kirkby said: “I think the Forum is pleased that the building will be used and not become derelict – it is quite a feature of the local landscape and that needs to be respected in its design.”

The statement supporting the application says no exact date can be found for the site but the building is Victorian or early Edwardian and was constructed between the mid-19th to early 20th century. The building is not listed.

According to the application the proposal will have no detrimental effect on the special landscape area around the site.

The statement says: “To conclude we feel that the proposal through its change of use will improve the area for all

within the immediate vicinity. With a minimal number of new openings and considered design we feel the net impact of the scheme will be positive in relation to the wider green belt