CAMPAIGNERS in Arthington are hoping to get a Speed Indication Device installed to improve road safety.

The Parish Council has agreed, as part of the Speedwatch campaign in Adel and Wharfedale, to apply for funding for a solar powered SID.

If the bis is successful the vehicle-activated sign, designed to encourage drivers to slow down, would be used on Arthington Lane.

Chairman of Arthington Parish Council, Councillor Ian Lister, said: "We are keen to improve road safety through the village and recent speed surveys have shown that some discourteous drivers have scant regard for the 30mph speed limit.

"A smiley face SID can only help us achieve a much needed reduction in speed on the lane."

Ward Councillor Billy Flynn (Con, Adel & Wharfedale) added: "I am delighted to fully support this application, which will be considered by the Outer North West Committee.

"I attend the parish council's meetings and carry out street surgery visits in the village.

"Speeding on Arthington Lane is the number one complaint I get.

"This bid is the culmination of a road safety campaign carried out with the full support of the police, council highways officers and local residents.

"Arthington Lane is almost unique in that the narrowness of the road and pavement, combined with the speed and volume of traffic and the huge size of passing heavy goods vehicles, means smaller vehicles are forced to the side of the road and have to mount pavements to avoid collision.

"A smiley face SID would be a welcome addition to our road safety campaign."