ONE of the candidates in next week's Otley by-election has been picking up tips from a former councillor.

Liz Carr, who is standing for Labour in West Chevin, talked to Kevin Cooney while out meeting residents.

Mr Cooney is a former Labour town councillor for the ward, which has a vacancy that will be filled following the Thursday, March 22 election.

Ms Carr said: "Kevin talked me through the work he did with local residents, like getting together groups and raising funds for the Caxton Road and Grove Hill Play areas.

"It was inspiring to hear about the the hard work and determination of residents and Kevin’s role as a Labour councillor - it took three years to get Caxton Road play area completed!

"I’d like to pick up the baton from Kevin.

"I am hearing from residents about the improvements they’d like to see now in West Chevin area, and if I win the election I aim to be as persistent and determined as he was in getting things done."

The election polling station will be in the Nursery department of Westgate Primary School.