HORSFORTH is a winner in the Yorkshire in Bloom awards along with businesses in Ilkley and Addingham.

Judges have given a gold award to Horsforth which is also the overall winner of the town category.

Ilkley's Box Tree Restaurant and Lumb Beck Farmhouse in Addingham are also category winners.

Judges are full of praise for the hard work of Horsforth in Bloom and the group's "excellent portfolio."

They say: "Horsforth is a large town but has a enthusiastic community which wants to see it do well in the competition. The effort made by everyone across the community was a credit from individuals to larger community groups. It was also very pleasing to see groups not normally included brought on board and supporting the whole entry."

Judges say both private and local authority gardens are a credit to the town, and they also mention wildflowers in the old burial ground at the rear of Emmanuel Baptist Church, fruit trees and orchards in the St James's area, and the allotment site at Parkside.

They describe the Fink Hill area as "colourful and an inviting entrance into Horsforth", and they praise the community for its work at the railway station.

In Ilkley, category winner the Box Tree Restaurant is given a gold award and is praised for its "outstanding" and "immaculate" floral displays.

Judges add: "This establishment’s horticulture is of a very high standard and at present the only feedback is to continue."

Lumb Beck Farmhouse, Addingham also gets a gold award and is a category winner.

Judges say: "Lumb Beck Guest House is situated in a very remote area of Addingham, Moorside, with marvellous views across this part of the Dales. The house was originally built in the

1600s, but has been totally rebuilt from a derelict shell by the present owners using all

the original stonework, who have also created the garden from just a rough area over 40

years. The site covers almost an acre, and is on a variety of levels, and also has a stream

running inside one boundary. It is a garden for all seasons, with appropriate and

attractive features including trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit and vegetables."

They add: "It is amazing how much work has been done, and how much they still manage to accomplish. A superb location of calm, peace and beauty."

Horsforth Hall Park has received a platinum award, with judges describing its Japanese garden was a delight.

Rawdon has been judged to be outstanding and its citation says: "Rawdon has come a very long way since it was set up three years ago. The amount that has been achieved is to be highly commended."

Bramhope has also impressed judges, who gave it a gold award and said: "Everything everywhere continues to impress and maintain the outstanding community involvement."

Abbeydale Residential Home in Ilkley, the Stansfield Arms in Apperley Bridge, and

Esholt have all been given gold awards.