THIRTY mile an hour signs could be placed on the A660 after an accident which killed an 18-year-old girl.

Leeds City Council's Highways Department is proposing a series of measures to slow traffic down following the death of Kate Whalley who was hit by a car on Leeds Road, Pool-in-Wharfedale.

The teenager was returning home from sitting an A level exam on June 22 when the accident happened near the junction with Old Pool Bank.

Last year her father Michael Whalley was one of a number of local people who spoke out at a public meeting about the danger of speeding traffic on the road, warning it was only a matter of time before someone died.

Now the city council is proposing the introduction of a vehicular activated sign to flash 30 and 'slow down' at oncoming vehicles just before the bend on the A660. The highways department is also planning to install a 'Max speed 30' sign nearby and will remove a 40mph sign. The word 'SLOW' will be marked on the road.

Adel and Wharfedale councillor Barry Anderson is asking for the views of local people on the proposals which could be put into effect within two weeks of the order being given. Road markings to slow traffic down on the Church Hill bends in Bramhope could also be put in place at the same time.

Cllr Anderson said: "I welcome the proposals as set out however they don’t go far enough in terms of more work needs to be done but it is a good start. I’m currently working with Highways officers and Pool Parish Council to agree the wording of a questionnaire to go out in the village to consult on a number of other proposals. Once the police have been able to feed back to Highways their conclusions about the accident that occurred I would anticipate them coming forward with some other proposals.

"The unfortunate thing is that the Parish council and myself have been arguing for some time for a change in the speed limit around this corner and initially the Council did not come forward with any proposals but it is nice to see they have now recognised the concerns expressed by us. It is a shame that it has taken a tragedy to get them to focus in on it. It is important that we all work together to get the best solution for the village both in terms of the main village but also in the hamlet of Old Pool Bank as they are all interconnected.

"The other issue that needs to be taken in to account is that the Council are currently working up solutions to the Dyneley Arms junction as part of their Corridor Improvement Programme, released this week. The proposed junction upgrade requires Leeds City Council to acquire agricultural land and the Council are working on that. Whatever comes forward in the end must be properly consulted on with all residents to enable them to have their views recorded and also to ensure residents are listened to."

The parish council is meeting on Monday to review the options and to decide on its response. In July the parish council wrote to Leeds City Council's Chief Executive Tom Riordan calling for the immediate installation of speed cameras at the spot where the accident happened.