SPEED cameras should be installed 'immediately' where an 18 year old from Old Pool Bank was killed.

That is the key demand being made by Pool-in-Wharfedale Parish Council to Leeds City Council's Chief Executive, Tom Riordan, about safety on the A660.

Kate Whalley died after being hit by a car on Leeds Road, near its junction with Old Pool Bank and close to her home, on June 22.

In its letter to Mr Riordan the parish council points out that local councillors and residents, including Kate's family, had all raised concerns about traffic speed.

Signed by Parish Chair Councillor Hazel Lee, it says: "Despite raising these and other concerns the council is left deeply frustrated at the lack of any action from the Highways Department.

"It is appreciated that, whilst investigations into the accident continue, little can be said but this should not delay any action to improve safety here.

"Parish Councillors are calling for the immediate installation of speed cameras to slow down traffic before the Old Pool Bank / Bar House junction.

"Also, we are aware of a number of initiatives being implemented by the city council at the A660 Bramhope / Church Hill bend following a number of minor accidents that could be replicated at this junction.

"In recent years the only investment in traffic safety measures have been those supported and paid for by the parish council: it is time for the city council to undertake its responsibilities and provide some real investment in our roads to improve safety."

The letter goes on to criticise Leeds for not following-up on the results of a residents' questionnaire which the parish council conducted about ways of improving safety.

Turning to the wider issue of traffic in Pool itself, it also claims that Main Street is 'one of the most polluted roads in Leeds' - and presses the case for a Pool bypass.

It says: "Now, I would suggest, is a good time for the city council to capitalise on the Government's £1 billion roads revolution, which launched on July 5 and plans to build scores of bypasses to combat congestion in towns and villages.

"Pool’s bypass has been a talking point for decades - with support, commitment and pressure from Leeds on the Government it could be a reality in the not too distant future."

The local council's final request is for an urgent meeting with senior Leeds officers, potentially at its September 11 meeting, to discuss the issues face-to-face.

A Leeds City Council spokesman said: "We are aware of concerns which have been raised by members of the parish council regarding road safety in and around Pool village, and specifically at the junction of the A660 and Old Pool Bank following a tragic accident recently.

"In regards to this specific location of the A660, we will shortly be sending out a questionnaire to local residents to seek their views.

"This will sit aside our own appraisal process, which is in-part informed by the number of road safety incidents that have occurred on a street or road over a certain period.

"At this particular junction, there has been to date only two recorded injury incidents in the last ten years.

"Once a full assessment has been made of other road safety issues set out by the parish council, a full response will be provided in due course."