A statement has been issued this week from the Yorkshire Party election candidate in Pudsey.

Bob Buxton says he is standing in the constituency, which covers Horsforth and Aireborough, to give local people a louder voice.

He says: "Too often, our objections to greenbelt loss and failing infrastructure are ignored.

"Labour holds majorities on both Leeds and Bradford City Councils. They want vast swathes of greenbelt housing, including many areas where there are no Labour councillors – no seats for them to lose. The coalition government left too much wriggle-room in greenbelt legislation, and the current government has done too little to change this.

"I propose we replace Leeds and Bradford City Councils with smaller district councils, with fewer councillors overall. Truly local councils are accountable; if they target your greenbelt, you can vote them out. We need councils who fight for us, not against us. When the new parliament opens, I’ll be starting a parliamentary petition to replace Leeds and Bradford City Councils.

"I’ve spoken to 1000s of people on the doorstep in the last two years, local residents want new housing to be spread more evenly across Leeds, on brownfield sites and supported by better infrastructure – schools, GPs, dentists, parking and transport.

"Leeds has the worst public transport in the UK. I propose an Expert-Led Leeds Transport Review, not tainted by politics. Tram-trains in Leeds and Bradford deserve serious consideration. Linking existing lines to new on-street routes would revolutionise connectivity.

"I support an airport rail service but not the airport road; it would serve just five per cent of airport traffic, harm the character of local greenbelt and could actually increase congestion on Horsforth roundabout.

"London gets ten times more transport infrastructure spending per person than Yorkshire. With powerful devolution and our fair share of the taxes we pay, we could revolutionise local transport."