CAMPAIGNERS are vowing to bounce back after Otley's former lido site was vandalised for the second time in a fortnight.

The hoardings around the Wharfemeadows Park plot were attacked by someone using a knife or sharp tool between 3.15pm and 5.15pm on Wednesday, November 15.

The incident follows an earlier attack on November 3 when the boards, specially decorated and recently installed by supporters of the Friends of Otley Lido, were sprayed with obscene graffiti.

This time part of one of the images on the the hoardings around the old outdoor pool's base was deliberately cut out.

Friends of Otley Lido Chairman Leonie Sharp said: "The damage we have suffered to the hoarding is incredibly upsetting but also costly for us as a group made up of volunteers and community members.

"But a more pressing concern is that whoever damaged the hoarding this time must have done so with either a very sharp knife or similar tool.

"That someone has been in the park at dusk with this kind of implement is very worrying."

The group has reported the criminal damage and their concerns to the police, and are asking members of the community to also keep an eye on the site.

Leonie added: "The boards will be repaired, at a serious cost to our fundraising efforts, but we will not be deterred by the vandalism and are once again calling on the people of Otley and Wharfedale to support us in our efforts to see the site restored and back in community use."

The hoardings were provided by a number of supportive firms and individuals including Zeppo Creative, Image Co, Beks Hardware and decorator Allan Peel.

The Friends, meanwhile, who have been given year to put together a viable business plan for a new lido, will soon find out how they fared in this year's Aviva Community Fund award.

They were hoping to win up to £25,000 through the scheme, which relies on public votes to decide which community projects to support, to help commission a professional feasibility study.

The voting - the lido project's link is at - was open until midday on Friday, November 18.

To find out more about the campaign visit or the group's Facebook page or send an e-mail to .