CAMPAIGNERS from Otley have shared their plans with the National Lido Conference.

The Friends of Otley Lido have been working since January to see if they can put together a practical business plan to open an outdoor pool at Wharfemeadows Park.

The former lido site there was put up for sale by Leeds City Council in 2015 and the Friends group jumped at the chance to enter a 12 month exclusivity agreement.

Since then they have had architects carrying out a capacity study to produce a variety of development options - and are now at the stage where they will soon be asking residents for their views.

Campaign members recently travelled to Portsmouth for the National Lido Conference where they shared ideas with representatives from more than 35 other outdoor pools.

They also got the chance to visit a variety of facilities in the area, including the exclusive Bristol Lido - where adult membership costs £638 a year and a three hour visit for non-members is £20.

Vice Chairman of Friends of Otley Lido, Tony Maskin Rogan, said the pricing at the Otley pool would be very different: "Our lido will be accessible to all and at affordable prices.

"We heard from other lidos who charge discounted rates for locals and a bit more for those coming from further afield, which seems a good idea."

Issues discussed at the conference included strategies for fundraising and marketing, the pros and cons of heating pools, and the benefits of retractable roofs and pool covers.

Delegates were also treated to an exhibition of historical swimwear and knitted bathing suits, and given the chance to swim in the heated Portishead Lido.

Otley’s outdoor pool, which closed in 1993, had all the characteristics of a typical lido but was more commonly called 'the baths'.

The Otley group, meanwhile, is hoping to report on some major progress when it attends next year's conference.

Friends Chairman Leonie Sharp said: "We've offered to host the 2019 National Lido Conference, so confident and determined we are to realise this for our town.

"We were delighted to be invited to this year's event and present our plans to other lido enthusiasts.

"It is vital for us to have fellow lido folk to network with and learn from, as well as placing our very own lido on the map.

"The more interest we have in restoring our pool the more support we gather and the easier it will be for us to get the funding we need.

"We are well on track with our planning and intend to come out to community consultation in the coming weeks."

More details about the campaign can be found at or on the Friends of Otley Lido Facebook page.