THREE larger than life characters dropped in on an Otley school for World Book Day.

Drivers from delivery company TNT dressed up as Batman, Superman and a gladiator when they visited Westgate Primary last Thursday.

The intrepid trio greeted equally colourful looking children and staff who had, in honour of their favourite fictional creations, also donned fancy dress.

The visit was part of a Yorkshire-wide initiative by the company in support of World Book Day, which involved travelling to three schools and donating 100 books.

Drivers Aarron Haworth (Batman), Robert Woodcock (Superman) and Renny Perkins (Gladiator) had collected the books at the Leeds TNT depot before boxing them up and loading them onto their van.

During their Westgate stop, they also found time to enjoy a quick read with the pupils.

Headteacher, Helen Carpenter, said: "We had children dressed up as book characters all day, so there was a very excited buzz through the school.

"The gift of getting these books from TNT was the icing on the cake.

"We are going to give some of these books to some of our younger pupils, with the idea that it will encourage parents to sit down and read with their children and foster that love of reading."