A FAULT on an underground high voltage cable is being blamed for leaving a pub and dozens of homes in Wharfedale without power on Wednesday.

Properties in Burley Woodhead and Menston were left with power on Wednesday evening, and as many as eight homes were left cut off overnight.

Among those affected was popular pub and restaurant, The Hermit Inn, on Moor Road, Burley-in-Wharfedale.

Electicity firm Northern Powergrid brought in generators while it worked to fix to fault, which it says was a problem with an underground cable.

Power was restored to a number of properties with an hour or two of the cut - which began as problems with low power at about 5pm - but some did not regain power until after 10am the following morning.

The pub took to Facebook to apologise for letting down its customers.

"We will be having strong words with Northern Grid about these power cuts," said the owners.

Northern Powergrid has also pledged to make payments as compensation to those properties cut off for more than 12 hours.