Sir, - A lot has been written over the passed few weeks regarding the fence in Wharfemeadows Park and a number of petitions are, at the time of writing, running.

These whilst showing objection to the plan are not enough. Leeds City Council will only point out that there has been a petition of objection and it will carry very little weight.

What people need to do is to write to Councillor John Procter, c/o Civic Hall, Leeds, LS1 1UR and object directly to the plan.

Our Lib/Dems City councillors are running a petition which I am totally baffled by.

As they make the decisions on the City Council, I can only presume that once they have finished their petition they will be able to present it to themselves!

Coun Nigel Francis 6 Pearson's Building Otley

A local viewpoint

SIR, - With regard to the letter from Mr Geoffrey Mogridge (March 8) referring to my review of Calamity Jane given by Guiseley Amateurs, I was well aware of the fact that Calamity' was given in Ilkley (1971). I went to see it.

I'm sure Bernard Smith was also in the cast, a long-time member of Guiseley Amateurs and a leading player with that society. I was also aware that this show was given a few years ago, again in Ilkley.

I never think of Ilkley as our area'. With the many shows given up here at Yeadon and at Guiseley by many different societies, I have always considered this to be our area', in which case Calamity Jane has never been given.

I shall have to remember to say our area of Aireborough' in future.


Fence off cobbles?

SIR, - There are some modern' cobblestones in Otley far more dangerous than those in the market square.

They have been deliberately laid haphazardly at various heights and spaces and surround our magnificent new library.

I have encountered bikes, skateboards, prams, wheelchairs and youngsters on this pavement it leaves me the alternative of stepping onto the road or on to the modern' cobblestones with a strong risk of falling and injuring myself, and possibly justifiable litigation.

I wonder what RoSPA and Leeds City Council think about fencing it off!

J Higman (Mr)Teal Beck Court,Otley.

Easter warning

SIR, - With Easter approaching, rabbit breeders may be hoping to boost their profits by capitalising on the holiday's theme. But rabbits are one of the most complex species to care for. They require plenty of freedom to run, dig and play throughout the day, every day; companionship of their own kind; safety and security from attacks by dogs and foxes; daily health inspections throughout summer months to prevent flystrike and weekly health checks throughout the rest of the year.

It is more important than ever that people think twice before taking on a rabbit or any other pet. The new Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006 places a duty of care on pet owners to ensure that the needs of their animals are met. Keeping a single rabbit in a dirty hutch at the bottom of the garden, or a rat in a tiny cage with nothing to occupy his bright mind could now lead to prosecution.

For more information and advice, contact Kate Fowler-Reeves Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW