“THE fight continues.” That was the defiant response from campaigners after hearing that Arthington has failed to make a list of potential new railway station sites.

The Metro feasibility study, unveiled last week, considered the merits of more than 30 possible schemes in West and North Yorkshire. It found several reasons to “not recommend” Arthington – along with other proposed stations for Horsforth Woodside and Guiseley Silver-dale.

Steve Brady, of Arthington Station Action Group, however, says those conclusions were based on flawed information and wrong assumptions.

He said: “This study takes over from where the last one left off. It still, wrongly, puts Arthington station in the area of the old, disused railway line towards Otley.

“And it mentions the steep track gradient as being an issue – which was never a problem for the last builders of Arthington station.

“Those of us who actually live in the Wharfe Valley know full well that the station would be used by residents from Otley, Bramhope, Pool-in-Wharfedale and Harewood, at the very least.

“It appears to me the closest those responsible for the latest report have got to the site is via Google Earth and a Network Rail route map.

“Arthington station was fully costed by approved rail contractors a few years ago and its construction costs came in surprisingly cheaply.

“Traffic along the main routes into Leeds, meanwhile, will continue to get worse because the alternative for residents of the Wharfe Valley remains very poor.

“For the supporters of Arthington station the fight continues.”

MP Greg Mulholland (Lib Dem, Leeds North West) has been a long-term supporter of the push to open several new local stations.

He added: “It’s very disappointing that Metro are not recommending new railway stations to serve north-west Leeds and Wharfedale.

“There is a good case for re-opening the station at Arthington and also creating a new one at Horsforth Woodside or Cookridge.

“I urge Metro to look at this again in the context of a proper integrated transport strategy for the whole area.”

Pool residents gave an overwhelmingly positive answer when asked, in 2010, if they would like a train stop at Arthington.

Arthington Parish Council, however, has remained unconvinced and said it is concerned about how sufficient parking could be safely provided for the new station.