PEOPLE in Aireborough have been warning for years that the area is full and simply cannot take any more developments.

So it must be frustrating in the extreme to have to face the prospect of thousands of homes being built there - bringing an added burden to the local infrastructure.

Anyone who has to drive through Guiseley will know only too well how overburdened the area’s road system already is - and that situation can only get worse with the addition of the 2,366 homes suggested in Leeds City Council’s site allocation document. The scale of the development, planned up until 2028, is bound to have an impact on local services and the green belt.

This week Guiseley and Rawdon councillor Paul Wadsworth was one of those speaking out against the council site allocation figures.

“With the latest survey data it’s clear that the total 70,000 housing figure for Leeds is too high,” he said.

The situation is difficult to resolve. New homes are desperately needed throughout the country as a whole, there is no doubt about that. But some areas simply cannot take any more, and Aireborough appears to be one of those areas.