PART-TIME streets lights are set to be introduced in areas of Bramhope and Pool-in-Wharfedale from December.

Leeds City Council will switch off some lights between midnight and 5.30am as part of a city-wide cost saving exercise which could save £1.3 million over the next ten years.

The authority is writing to residents living within 50 meters of an affected light to tell them about the plan and to give reassurances.

The letter says: “Due to the need to reduce the council’s carbon emissions and light pollution, together with increased energy costs and national government budget cuts, the council is introducing part-night street lighting for a small proportion of street lights across the city.

“Although this is a new initiative to Leeds, part-night street lighting is not a new idea and has been successfully introduced by other local authorities since 2007.

“However, Leeds is taking a more cautious approach and is proposing to part-night switch about eight per cent of the 92,000 street lights in Leeds. To date, there have been no detrimental effects reported on crime or road traffic accidents.

“By introducing these proposals across Leeds it has the potential to save about £1.3 million on energy costs over the next ten years and will also reduce the council’s carbon emissions for street lighting by 4.7 per cent per annum.”

Part-night switching will be avoided on roads with a significant accident period during the proposed hours, in areas with above average records of crime and near sheltered housing and hospitals.

The initiative will move into Adel and Wharfedale from December 1 and will take about three weeks to complete.

In Bramhope, some lights will be affected on Breary Rise, Hall Rise, High Ridge Way, Long Meadows, Parklands, Tredgold Avenue, Tredgold Crescent and Tredgold Garth.

In Pool, some lights will become part time in Acorn Way, Arthington Garth, Chapel Hill Road, Church Close, Park Mews, Park Way, Swallow Drive and Willow Court.

Visit or call 0113 222 4407 for further information.