SINGERS and dancers from the Joze School of Performing Arts - 63 in total aged from eight to 32 - surpassed themselves at the weekend with a 40 minute mini version of We Will Rock You, performed to crowds at the Ilkley Hub Festival.

The singers on the stage attacked the famous tunes and lyrics magnificently under the expert conducting of Mark Allan.Freddie Mercury himself would have smiled down upon their performance.

Their professionalism showed through particularly when, because of a technical hitch, the accompanying music cut out one minute into the finale piece `Bohemian Rhapsody`; it could have been a disaster, yet the talented singers kept their cool and carried on regardless. Many of the huge crowd helped to keep the beat by mimicing the guitar breaks that punctuate the singing.

To complement and enhance the well known and well loved songs, the dancers performed on the grass in front of the stage, dressed in yellow and black in full punk-rock style.

The choreography ranged in styles from funky jazz to classical ballet, some contemporary, a bit of hip-hop and some expressive theatre-dance.

Sue Walters, of Joze School of Performing Arts said: "They all danced with high energy and incredible skill, especially as the grass was a little slippery and a little uneven. One dancer even had to contend with a worm inside her dance-shoe!

"Later that evening, the headline Act `The Devils` paid a special tribute to our performers. I have never felt so proud of the singers and dancers of Joze School of Performing Arts. They all deserve a massive `well done`.

"Everything about this past weekend has been terrific, well done Ilkley. The Festival in the Park was a joy to experience.Well done and thank you to all of the organisers."