An Otley school’s iPad-per-pupil scheme will begin next week.

Parents at Prince Henry’s Grammar School have been collecting the computer tablets for their children over the last couple of weeks and they are due to go live in school from next Tuesday.

The opt-in scheme – which involves an average parental contribution of £360 spread over three years – aims to give all Key Stage 3 students the use of an iPad 4* to boost learning.

The idea proved divisive when it was unveiled last year and about 60 parents aired their grievances at a public meeting in January.

Some claimed they felt pressured into joining the scheme, despite misgivings over its cost, especially for families with more than one child and the implications of paying for equipment at a comprehensive school.

Others accused Prince Henry’s of failing to consult properly and pressing ahead – after 91 per cent of parents who responded agreed to opt in – despite outstanding concerns.

Town councillor Carl Morris (Lab, Manor), Labour’s candidate for this year’s Leeds City Council elections, said it was now time to focus on moving forward.

He said: “While many people still have grave concerns about paying directly for their child’s education in this way, I think we all now want this scheme to be successful for those who have decided to participate.

“We never managed to secure any concessions from the school, but the public meeting we held at least gave parents more information about the problems/ merits of the iPad scheme. I hope parents were able to make a more informed choice for their own child because of this meeting.

“I also hope that the school management learns a lesson from this and is a little more sensitive in the future when proposing radical changes to our local system of education.”

The scheme involves most parents paying £10 a month for three years, per child, for the exclusive use of an iPad although they will also need to make an additional final payment to own the tablet outright.

The school has said no one will be excluded due to financial difficulties as other arrangements can be made where needed.

Originally iPad 2s were to be used but they have now been discontinued.