Burley Parish Council has placed a memorial board on the wall of the parish office to honour past chairmen.

Burley Parish Council was established in 2006 after a campaign by local people that involved a local referendum and the approval of parliament.

During the last seven years there have been four chairmen of Burley Parish Council and to thank them for the contribution they have made to Burley a memorial board has been placed on the wall of the parish office in Burley.

The board was made by Bruce Speed, of Burley and the suggestion of the board came from Caroline Jones who has recently stepped down as a Parish Councillor after a long career in community politics in both Burley and Ilkley Parish Councils.

Chairman of Burley Parish Council, councillor John Grimshaw said: “I am very proud of what Burley Parish Council has achieved in a few years, but this has only been possible by everyone working together with partners to get things done.

“The memorial board recognises the work done by Burley Parish Council and its chairmen.”