Comedienne Catherine Tate has been the focus of attention filming a new television show - and was she bovvered'?

Not a bit, for she's been rolling out a barrel of laughs at the Wharfedale Inn in Arthington as well as shooting scenes at a specially adapted house on the Weston Estate in Otley, at the new Wharfedale General Hospital and in Wharfemeadows Park.

The cameras were rolling for a two-day shoot in which she stars with Steve Pemberton, of League of Gentleman fame, in The Bad Mother's Handbook, a comedy drama due to be screened early next year.

Based on a hit book of the same name by Kate Long, the plot weaves a twisted tale of one year in the lives of three women from the same family, living in one small house that is like an oestrogen timebomb waiting to go off.

Catherine, currently being watched by millions of BBC viewers in her own comedy sketch show - her catchphrase is: Am I bovvered?' - plays the part of Karen, a desperate mum in her mid-30s who is unsatisfied with her lot.

To add to her woes, she discovers she was adopted and finds out her 17-year-old daughter has fallen into the same teenage pregnancy trap as she did.

Karen's daughter is played by Holly Grainger, who appeared in Where The Heart Is and the hospital drama, No Angels, filmed at High Royds Hospital, Menston.

Anne Reid, who appeared in Victoria Wood's comedy Dinnerladies as well as classic dramas Jane Eyre and Bleak House, plays the part of Karen's mum.

Catherine said: "I loved Kate Long's book and was delighted to be offered the part of Karen. I am looking forward to working with Anne Reid."

The scene shot yesterday at Arthingon's Wharfedale Inn, near Pool-in-Wharfedale, zooms in on a disaster date between teaching assistant Karen and her head teacher boss, Leo, played by Pemberton.

The pub's landlord, David Gregory, said Catherine had proved a big hit with bar staff. He said: "She's been very chatty and friendly.

"We made a hot chocolate for her when they were filming outside because it was so cold and she came in especially to say thank you which we thought was lovely."

It is not the first time the Inn has been used by film crews, it is regularly used for TV soap Emmerdale. Film crews started filming last week for The Bad Mother's Handbook in Otley, supposed to be a village near Bolton in Lancashire.

It has been all lights, camera and action on the town's Weston Estate as well as at Wharfedale Hospital and at Wharfemeadows Park.

Filming is expected to last another two weeks which is just fine with Catherine who said: "It's going great. It's a fantastic script and a great location to work in."

The actress also revealed she has nothing planned after filming finishes but wants to give treading the theatrical boards a go.

"This is the first time in two years I have nothing planned next. I might take a bit of a break but I would like to do some theatre."

Also trying something new this week were Otley couple Gerry and Annie McNiece from The Oval who were making their debut as extras Gerry, who is a singer-songwriter, said: "A friend got us into it. We filled in forms and sent them off not knowing really what to expect. This is our first time doing anything like it.

"We're supposed to be diners tucking into a Sunday roast - shame we won't be able to eat it for real. It's hungry work hanging about."