The fight for a change in the drink-drive laws in the wake of the death of 16-year-old Jamie Still is being stepped up.

The campaign is being taken up by Jamie’s sister Rebecca, aged 13, who has started a petition calling for zero tolerance in the UK.

Jamie lost his life on New Year’s Eve 2010, when he was hit by a car driven by someone who was twice over the legal alcohol limit and speeding.

The family was outraged and rightly so, after learning that the driver was allowed to keep his licence for eight months after the incident.

It seems that because he wasn’t charged with being over the drink-drive limit, but causing death by careless driving, his licence wasn’t taken away.

That may be the law. If so, it needs changing.

Despite earlier comments and pleas from the family and other supporters, precious little seems to have been done in the corridors of power.

The silence is deafening.

Let us look at the words of Rebecca.

She says: “When my brother was 16 he was knocked down and killed by a drink-driver.

“He was on the pavement and his friends had to watch.”

She wants zero tolerence for drink-drivers, so they lose their driving licence straight away, and for such offenders to go to prison for longer.

There needs to be a much stronger fear factor to deter drink and drug drivers from getting behind the wheel.

It is now time for people power to take up this cause. We would urge as many people as possible to sign Rebecca’s petition and demand action. It is a just cause and worth fighting for.