The Science of Food by Marty Jopson published by Michael O’Mara Books. £12.99

reviewed by John Burland

Otley’s own Marty Jopson has just released his second book, the follow up to The Science of Everyday Life which came out last year and was reviewed in this paper last November.

Probably best known as the Science Guru on the BBC’s The One Show he has appeared regularly at the Otley Science Fair over the last few years.

This latest book is about a subject that affects all of us every day – Food!

The subjects covered by Marty include such items as what do freeze dried coffee and instant mash have in common, what is modified starch and why does it appear in much of the food we buy every week, are we as a world running out of food and what is the real truth behind the five second rule? And in answer to this final question no, you cannot pick up food you have dropped on the floor even before five seconds without the possibly of you succumbing to food poisoning through either Campylobacter or E.Coli.

The book has five main chapters – The Essential Technology of the Kitchen, The Magic of Processed Food, Critical Kitchen Chemistry, Sharing Our Food With Bugs and The Future of Food. Within each of these chapters there are numerous sub-categories including knives, microwaves, whisks, fridges, instant meals, meat, bugs, protein, Quorn, flavour, fats and even sprouts!

Marty has a PhD in Cell Biology and his expertise in this subject shines through in this new book that is full of fascinating facts throughout its 216 pages.

For anyone studying science at Secondary School this is a must-read publication.