A MOTHER and daughter from Burley-in-Wharfedale have published their first children’s book, ‘Rabbit’s Moonlight Walk’ after being inspired by their collective experience of looking after small children… and rabbits!

Elizabeth Newton and her eldest daughter, Emma McKendrick, teamed up to produce the enchanting story about a toy rabbit – Rabbity Roo’s – nocturnal adventures. Elizabeth, who has five grown up children, wrote the story, while mum-of-two Emma, who is a trained Montessori teacher, illustrated it.

Elizabeth, a retired GP, said: “I know from many years of telling bedtime stories to my own children and grandchildren, how a magical book can help a child quickly doze off into a happy sleep.

“We thought a ‘Rabbit’s Moonlight Walk’ would be perfect for young children as they could imagine their own favourite toy hopping out of bed and slipping out of the house to have an adventure, as they close their eyes.”

Emma, who attended Skipton Girls’ High School, followed by an Art Foundation Course at Bradford College, said: “From working with nursery-aged children, and reading to my own girls, I appreciate how much children enjoy a simple story with a bit of adventure and colourful illustrations.

“Both Mum and I have also done our fair share of caring for our children’s pet rabbits, so we thought it should be a happy read about a mischievous bunny.

“Although Rabbity Roo gets into a few hairy scrapes on his journey, he ends up tucked snuggly up in bed, before dawn.

“This story is the perfect Christmas stocking filler for children under 5 and will add a few minutes of fun before bedtime.”

Rabbit’s Moonlight Walk retails at £5.99 and is available at the Grove Bookshop, Ilkley, and from Amazon.