Ilkley Cinema

Le Mans 66, The Report, Meeting Gorbachev, The Good Liar

THIS action packed, star-studded spectacular fires on all cylinders as we take to the track in a fast-paced racing biopic.

Le Mans 66 tells the true story of American car designer Carroll Shelby, played by Matt Damon, and driver Ken Miles depicted by legend, Christian Bale, as they fight to build a revolutionary Ford racing car capable of beating Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans race in France.

This big budget blockbuster balances the slick high-speed action of the thrilling motor racing with a strong, human story which is both funny and uplifting as the two spark a friendship in overcoming their personal struggles. Charming and high-velocity, this drama is made for the big screen, powered by exceptional acting and thriving under meticulous direction, it’s guaranteed to fly the chequered flag high up those box office hits.

The climate of corruption and political dispute is leading to the production of some of the most important and relevant films in recent history; The Report is one of them. It depicts the true story of Daniel J. Jones as he is tasked with investigating the CIA’s post 9/11 Detention and Interrogation Programme leading to the discovery of shocking secrets. Supposedly for the good of the American people, he finds the programme to be brutal, immoral and, in the end, ineffective. Desperate to reveal the truth, Jones ventures down the dangerous trail of accountability, battling to publicly bare the secrets many in power sought to protect.

Absolutely riveting and undeniably essential, The Report is an unmissable piece of cinema which hits at the very core of political corruption.

Meeting Gorbachev delves into the life of one of the world’s greatest and most famous politicians. Now 87 and arguably more mellow, Gorbachev sits down with German interviewer Wener Herzog to provide unprecedented access into the life and work of the figure who changed landscape of Europe. In the space of six years, he removed Soviet control from Eastern countries, was fundamental in the reunification of Germany, and worked alongside the US to reduce nuclear weapons. Featuring fascinating archive footage and based on three captivating interviews, Meeting Gorbachev reminds us of the drastic changes of the modern world and the people with the bravery to induce them.

Back for a second week, The Good Liar explores the shadows of online dating as we see how platforms are exploited to target those who are most vulnerable in opening their hearts. Combining two of the most legendary actors of all time, Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen, this is the riveting tale of a con artist as he manoeuvres through dating sites and targets those to scam.

His latest mark is Betty, a recent widow worth millions, which Roy plans to take every penny of. Winning her trust and earning his way into her home, Betty begins to open up to Roy as he struggles to find he may be dealing with stakes far higher than money.

This acting power-team take the film by storm, leading us down a twisting plot of suspense and drama as we weave around the secrets people build and the lies they come to live.

- Melissa Johns-Watson