AWARD-winning Ilkley-based author, Alan Reynolds’ latest novel, Exfil has just been published by Pool-in-Wharfedale based publishers, Fisher King Publishing.

The story was inspired around news items covering the tensions between Iran and the USA over the former’s nuclear ambitions. This is a continuing saga which came to prominence in 2006 when the then president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, announced that Iran was a nuclear power and the world had better get used to it.

April 2006, and one of the embassy compound cleaners surreptitiously passes a slip of paper to the wife of the British Commercial Attaché. Her husband reads the note on return from the embassy and straightaway recognises its significance. The cleaner’s husband is one of Iran’s top nuclear scientists and wants to defect to the UK. The note is sent to MI6 Headquarters in London and the decision is made to send an agent, Nick Houghton, to Tehran to see if such a project can succeed.

What follows is a cat and mouse game with MOIS, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence, and their thirty thousand spies and agents. A gripping story which will have readers flicking pages to see what happens next as Houghton battles against the odds as he tries to make the escape a reality.

‘Exfil’ is the tenth novel by Alan Reynolds to be published and he is now attracting a global readership. His debut novel ‘Flying with Kites’ has been adapted for the big screen and is presently being considered by two film producers.

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