ILKLEY Film Society’s next screening, the vibrant Kenyan film Rafiki, on Sunday October 20 (8pm at Ilkley Playhouse) is a film banned in its own country.

“Rafiki” is the Swahili word for “friend”, and that is how same-sex couples often refer to their partners in Kenya, a country where gay sex is punishable by 14 years in prison. In the film, the love between the two young women, Kena and Ziki, is made additionally dangerous by the fact that their fathers are political rivals in a local election.

Rafiki was banned by the Kenyan Film Classification Board after director Wanuri Kahiu refused to change the film’s ending into one which tallied with the official line of condemnation of gay couples. As the film could not be Oscar-nominated without a release in its home country, she sued the Kenyan government. The result was that the Kenyan High Court lifted the ban for a token seven days before banning it permanently !

This will not be the first time that the film society has screened a film which cannot be seen in it’s own country – Wadjda from Saudi Arabia attracted a large and appreciative audience in 2014 – and a similar success is expected on Sunday.

Membership for the new season is still available (details at ) and new members will be able to join on the night. Non-members are welcome as guests (£4) but are asked to phone Dave Howell on 01943 430097 to reserve a seat.