IT’S a delight to be entertained and it’s a double delight to enjoy watching someone else being entertained. That’s just what we have in store this Sunday (16th June) when we welcome Mambo Jambo to the Wildman studio at Ilkley Playhouse.

So why the double delight? Well, Mambo Jambo will bring us a musical treat for children aged three to seven and their families. It’s a perfect way to introduce the little ones in your life to a show, and it’s perfectly pitched by Frankie and Pete. Frankie plays sax, vocals, clarinet, flute, guitar and spoons plus other percussion, while Pete chips in on guitar, vocals, ukulele, tres (a traditional Cuban guitar), banjo, accordion and… suitcase! They perform a mix of styles from roots, world, jazz and folk, along with their their own compositions.

Nonsense abounds with their array of instruments and nonsense props. Their nonsense music has gained acclaim up and down the country as the Mambo Jambo duo are a popular attraction at festivals, where their enthusiasm and joy are acclaimed. The show is a musical treat for small people, while those over seven will also delight in the enjoyment of the younger members in the audience.

Audience participation is key: you’ll be encouraged to sing along with choruses and rapping, and sharing in song and silliness, exploring the Octopus’ Garden, and making a Nonsense Stew! Children must be accompanied for this event, but then that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

While Mambo Jambo is an afternoon event we have something in the evenings this week for adults. If you are lucky you may still be able to get a ticket for our current production of Steaming, which runs until Saturday, June 15. The talented cast have been receiving fine reviews from audiences with their rendition of Nell Dunn’s tale about a diverse group of women in 70s East End London, and how they discover each other (and themselves!) at a Turkish bath.

It’s a fun production, with more serious chords coming through, as the women pull together to stop the closure of their haven, the baths. The strong cast has palpable chemistry, which is key to a story that centres around female friendship and people coming together regardless of diversity of background and of life experience.

For more information about all our productions and tickets please go to or, during box office hours, call us on 01943 609539.

by Claire Emmott