THE next concert by Bradford Festival Choral Society features music exclusively by female composers.

Tom Leech, the choir’s music director said: “Music by women is outrageously marginalised – we took a look at the recent concert programmes of many of Yorkshire’s other large choral societies and were shocked to find that none had any visible programming of music by female composers. So in our small way we’re trying to provide some balance. Our next concert, A Wondrous Sound: A 1,000 years of music by women, 7.30pm Saturday June 22 at Bingley Parish Church, features pieces from the medieval mystic Hildegard (think timeless plainchant), the passionate Baroque music of Barbara Strozzi, romantic lyricism from Fanny Hensel and Clara Schumann, Lili Boulanger’s impressionism and a kaleidoscope of contemporary music. Some will be known, but seldom performed. We’ve worked to create an evening of vivid and approachable sounds and are supported by the Ambache Charitable Trust, a charity active in raising the profile of women composers. As part of our commitment to promoting choral music to young adults, BFCS 2020, we will be joined by the brilliant Leeds Vocal Movement in this concert. Tickets are limited in number for this concert – please book in advance from TicketSource to avoid disappointment. Tickets are free for those aged 30 years or younger, and those on a low wage. If you can’t get to this concert don’t worry – we have made a commitment to programming music by women in all our concerts.”

A Wondrous Sound: 1000 years of music by women, is on June 22, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm at Bingley Parish Church.

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