LEGENDARY rock ‘n’ roller PJ Proby, who used to live in Haworth, is returning to the district.

The singer who famously split his trousers on stage will take his Farewell Tour to the King’s Hall in Ilkley on May 30.

PJ resided in the Brontë village during the 1980s, a couple of decades after he hit the heights of fame across the globe.

He’s been performing ever since, but he is finally decided to hang up his guitar – as well as those trousers – at the age of 80.

PJ was a star in his native America in 1963 when he was invited to the UK by the Beatles and built a massive army of followers across Europe with hits such as Somewhere, Maria, Together and Hold Me.

The Sixties teen idol, born in Houston, Texas, worked with many music-industry icons including Elvis Presley.

While his voice brought him a string of hits, it was his pony tail and extrovert behaviour that helped make him a hit with young female fans and the popular press.

He is probably best remembered for splitting his trousers during a performance, an incident that grabbed so many headlines he then made an act of regularly splitting his crushed velvet jumpsuit.

During his early years in Houston, he worked with stars such as Elvis, George Jones and Tennessee Ernie Williams, and one of the highlights of his career was playing the part of Elvis in a West End stage show.

In his early career PJ would lay down the initial vocals on Elvis Presley’s future releases to enable the star to fulfil his movie contracts, then Elvis would record his own vocals down for the finished product.

In December 1996 PJ made a recording comeback when he collaborated with Marc Almond on a cover version of Yesterday Has Gone.

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