THE witty and delightful mother-daughter comedy Lady Bird is Ilkley Film Society’s next screening on Sunday, February 17 (8pm at Ilkley Playhouse).

Seventeen year-old Christine, from a blue-collar Californian family, will only answer to the name Lady Bird, and has aspirations to a student life of culture and sophistication at a prestigious New York college.

Her struggling family - father has just lost his job, mother is a nurse – consider her dreams to be unrealistic and urge her to be grateful for what she has.

Lady Bird is the directing debut of actress Greta Gerwig, who also wrote the screenplay, and features the outstanding Saoirse Ronan in the title role. Brooklyn, in which she also starred, was the most popular film of the society’s 2016-17 season, and her latest appearance is expected to be equally well received.

Non-members are welcome as guests (£4) but are asked to phone Dave Howell on 01943 430097 to reserve a seat.