THE nail-biting French drama Custody is Ilkley Film Society’s next screening on Sunday, February 3 (8pm at Ilkley Playhouse).

After Julien’s parents have given totally incompatible accounts of their marriage breakdown at a hearing to decide his custody arrangements the judge asks “Which of you is the bigger liar ?”

That is what the audience will discover over the course of this gripping debut feature from director Xavier Legrand.

Each parent demands sole custody. The mother, Miriam, claims that the father, Antoine, is violent; Antoine claims that Miriam is vengefully trying to deprive him of his son.

The film, an award-winner in four continents, builds to an astonishing climax, guaranteed to leave the audience breathless.

Non-members are welcome as guests (£4) but are asked to phone Dave Howell on 01943 430097 to reserve a seat.