ON Thursday afternoon in last week, about half-past four o’clock an accident happened at the Long Row Quarry, Horsforth, which belongs to Messrs Whitaker Brothers, stone merchants and contractors, Horsforth. A large heap of soil was being removed from the side of the quarry. A young man who is about 19 years of age was digging away the earth close to the edge of the quarry when he fell down into the bottom, a depth of about 36 feet. On being examined by the doctor he was found to have been conscious but very much shaken.

lOn Saturday last a presentation of a handsome clock and calf leather travelling case, with all the requisites, was made to Mr James Baxter, designer and manager over the weaving department at Nun Royd Mills, Guiseley, on the occasion of his retiring from that position to commence business on his own account. It was thought necessary to have a tea for all hands employed in the weaving department and others who wished to be present.

THE question of the water supply for the township of Horsforth still continues to absorb a great amount of interest. The private wells and springs, like the public ones, are extensively patronised in consequence of the continued scarcity of water. The reservoirs are still empty and the company have been obliged to obtain temporary supply from a stream which flows in the direction of Arthington, and which is about 18 inches in width and three inches in depth, and gives a continuous run of water.


MR Harry Tordoff of Otley, well known in connection with horses, was thrown out of his trap as he was driving down Ellar Ghyll in the vicinity of the railway bridge shortly after four o’clock on Tuesday afternoon. Startled by a passing train, the horse bolted, breaking the shafts and going unattended away through Otley and over the Otley Bridge. Mr Tordoff was not much the worse for his fall. Along the Bradford Road the runaway dashed among a flock of sheep, injuring several of them. The trap was broken by collision with another vehicle in Westgate, and the horse went forward. Mr Tordoff was confined to the house for a day or two with a bruised hip. ACCORDING to the report presented by their clerk to this week’s meeting of the Rawdon District Council, the Leeds Tramways Committee seem disposed to even accede to the request made to them by the Rawdon Council for the transfer of the present tram stage from Micklefield Road to the Co-operative Stores at the top of Micklefield Lane. The granting of this request, however, is conditional upon agreement to the suggested change being forthcoming from the Yeadon and Guiseley Councils and this consent is hardly likely to be given for the reason that the proposal is regarded in those townships as prejudicial to the inhabitants.

THE following notice of motion has been given by Coun Myers at Otley District Council – That the Waterworks and Estates Committee be instructed to give early consideration to the project of converting the field on East Chevin into a public park and recreation ground for the town. In putting this matter before the council Coun Myers said it was about time they had a park in Otley. Coun Brogan seconded the proposition. He said that if this field could be used for the benefit of the town it would be well to form a committee to go into the matter.


THE hopes and prayers of a little Horsforth community were realised this weekend by the opening on a site in Horsforth Hall Park of the new Willow Green Mission Church. Mrs Briggs of Horsforth carried out the opening ceremony in the presence of a large gathering. A service was afterwards held inside and during the weekend other services of celebration were held.

GREAT success was achieved at a whist drive and dance at Guiseley on Friday in aid of the Gresford Colliery Disaster Relief Fund. There were 70 tables for whist at the National School and there was a big attendance for dancing at the Town Hall. The proceeds totalled £47 17s 6d.

SOME hundreds of cyclists were attracted into Wharfedale on Sunday to watch the hill climbing contest promoted by the Bradford Victoria Club at Old Pool Bank. This is an open event which has been held for several years, and it seems to grow in popularity. There were 69 competitors from all over Yorkshire and Lancashire.


IN spite of a shaking-up which they received when their coach crashed through a hedge and dropped down a four-foot roadside embankment at Arthington, a Hull party obtained another bus in Otley and continued their interrupted journey to Blackpool illuminations. Cause of the accident is believed to be a front tyre. It resulted in the bus, belonging to a Hull firm, swerving through the hedge and down the embankment into a field. The vehicle was extensively damaged but no medical aid was required by the passengers.

THE rain this week has made no difference to Otley’s water problem. This was stressed yesterday by County-Councillor AR Hughes, chairman of Otley Waterworks Committee, who said Otley is down to 20 days’ supply in the March Ghyll reservoir. Work has been going on to connect the supply from the deep well in the Station Road tannery yard to the town’s water main. A pump is being erected and the well is expected to be providing 60,000 gallons a day by this weekend.

THE contribution made by Otley Congregational Church to the religious life and service of the town through the past 138 years, is recalled by the Diamond Jubilee of the opening and dedicated of the church being celebrated this week by a full programme of services and meetings. Reference was made to the beauty of the architecture of the church at a Thanksgiving Tea in the school on Saturday by Coun Mrs DI Wilkinson, Chairman of Otley Urban District Council.


A POOL-IN-WHARFEDALE man, Robert Thomas Beaumont has walked away with a top building industry award. He has been judged by the National House Building Council as one of the Top 100 housing site supervisors in the UK this year.Bob works for Wimpey Homes Holdings Ltd.

PROMINENT local conservative Stephen Day and his wife Frances were among those injured in the Brighton bomb blast last Friday morning. The IRA claimed responsibility for the bombing which killed four people and came close to assassinating Prime Minister Mrs Margaret Thatcher. Mr and Mrs Day of Otley were waiting on the steps of the Grand Hotel for a taxi when the explosion ripped through the building. Both were taken to the Royal Sussex Hospital. Mr Day, 36 received treatment for bruises to his head and fingers, while his wife suffered back and facial injuries.

A CAR turned over and burst into flames when it went out of control in Bridcage Walk, Otley. The Ford Cortina collided with a tree then hit a wall. Nearby residents were able to get the driver and passenger out before it set alight.