FESTIVITIES were staged and bonfires were lit to mark the coronation of George V on June 22 in 1911.

Aireborough joined the outpouring of patriotic support for the monarchy in a number of celebrations.

In Yeadon a bonfire was lit in a field below the Peacock Inn in honour of the king. A photograph from Aireborough Historical Society shows the bonfire when it was ready to be lit.

The man to the left at the bottom of the ladder is George Herbert Teale, Chairman of Yeadon Council, the man to the right of the ladder wearing a straw boater hat is Thompson Marshall. On the right is Noah Houlden who was surveyor for Yeadon.

Mrs Harrop, daughter of Edward Bolton was given the honour of lighting the bonfire at 10pm that evening.

Most of these photographs are from the historical society’s archives and show the way the new king was welcomed locally as well as well as how the anniversary was marked 25 years later.

In May 1911 schoolchildren massed on the steps of Yeadon Town Hall to hear the proclamation that King George V was the new monarch, following the death of His father, King Edward VII.

And the town hall was the backdrop for festivities on the day of the coronation itself when crowds gathered to celebrate. In the background on the left is Robert Howard’s stocking and paper goods shop. The image was taken by prolific Yeadon photographer Ernest E Slater.

A 1911 postcard of The Royalty Inn on Otley Chevin also appears to commemorate the coronation - with a picture of King George V and Queen Mary in the top corner.

Pictured on the right hand page is a beacon on Rawdon Billing. The photograph was taken in the mid 1930’s and the beacon is thought to have been lit to celebrate the silver jubilee of King George. Local scouts were responsible for guarding the beacon.

The 25th anniversary was a lucky time for school children in Yeadon, who each received a shilling in recognition of the important occasion.

Youngsters at South View School were given a Yorkshire Penny Bank Pass Book.

A shilling was deposited in each school child’s book by G B Lomas-Walker, Chairman of the West Riding County Council, and friends. It was hoped the gift would encourage children to save.

The bank book given to Elsie Lawson was donated to Aireborough Historical Society and can be seen on the right.

George V was born at Malborough House on June 3, 1865 - the second son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, later to become King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

At the age of 12, he enrolled in the naval training academy and served in the navy for almost 15 years until his career was brought to an end by the sudden death of his older brother Prince Albert Victor.

In 1893 he married his late brother’s fiancee Princess Victoria Mary (May) of Teck.

During their long, happy marriage the couple had six children - Edward, Albert, Mary, Henry, George and John.

George V died on January 20, 1936 and his eldest son Edward succeeded to the throne as Edward VIII.

Princess Mary, who was 14 at the time of her father’s coronation in 1911, became a much-loved figure in Yorkshire after marrying Viscount Lascelles, who later became the Earl of Harewood.

The couple were married in 1922 and moved to Harewood in 1929. Princess Mary, who is the aunt of Queen Elizabeth, lived at Harewood for more than 30 years and died there while walking round the lake in 1965.