SILVER Cross was once an important employer in Guiseley - and many people who live in the town will have had links with the factory.

The company was founded in Leeds in 1877 by William Wilson, who invented the world’s first patented “baby carriage”.

The brand became hugely successful and has been used by the royal family for generations. The company gained a reputation for producing the “Rolls-Royce of prams”.

The company relocated to Guiseley in 1936 where it was based until 2002. The brand is now based in Skipton.

These photographs, from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society, date back to 1970 and give a fascinating insight into ‘Wilsons of Guiseley’.

In the pictures some of the staff can be seen hard at work creating the popular prams - and also posing for a photograph, with the iconic ‘Wilson’ tower in the background.

A convoy of lorries can be seen waiting to distribute the company wares.

A photograph of the board of directors shows, left to right, G Dawson, K L Savage, N Mulligan, W Dixon, L N Wilson, F P Bleach, J N Wilson and Mrs A A Wilson.