SCHOOL life in the Victorian era can be seen in this series of images dating back more than 120 years.

The photographs of the Friends School in Rawdon were all taken in 1897 and are from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society.

Wonderful images capture both the formal and informal life of the school which was at Low Green.

On its website the historical society says:”The school was opened in 1832 by the Society of Friends (Quakers), initially there were 40 pupils boys only.

“The fee was £12 a year, girls were also enrolled in 1836. Strict discipline was enforced with pupils carrying out domestic tasks as well as being taught.The school closed in 1922, pupils were transferred to Ackworth School near Pontefract.

“The property was used for residential purposes until 1930 when Rawdon Council judged them unfit for habitation. It is now an area of small business units.”

These photographs are just some of a number of pictures which were take at the school in 1897 and which survive to this day.

Schoolmaster Thomas Sittle can be seen in several of the photographs - posing with a penny farthing, top left, and with the school football team, bottom right.