GENERATIONS in Yeadon have grown up enjoying fun at the tarn - or Moor Dam, as it used to be know.

These photographs, from Aireborough Historical Society, were all taken in the 1920s. They show a quite different looking tarn - but one which was already a place of great enjoyment even then.

The lake is thought to have originated as a natural feature but came to be enlarged for industrial purposes and improved for leisure use.

In the 1920s the dam appears to have been very much closer to its natural state - but it was clearly a big draw for children even then.

One photograph shows a large group of youngsters, many of them obviously planning to enjoy a paddle.

In another picture children are enjoying playground equipment in what is then described as Children’s Corner, Yeadon Pleasure Park.

Murgatroyd’s Moorfield Mill can be clearly seen in the background of one image. In the foreground children are sailing model boats.

In 1925 Yeadon UDC bought the Moor Dam from Messrs D Waterworth for £2,400.

A decade later the lake was edged with stones to combat erosion.