NEW finery and church parades have traditionally marked Whitsuntide - a religious festival dating back hundreds of years.

A glimpse into some of the celebrations in Aireborough over the last one and a quarter centuries can be seen in these atmospheric photographs from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society.

A remarkably clear image entitled Mr Peel’s Whit Monday, top right, was taken in Yeadon in 1915 by photographer Ernest Ethelbert Slater.

The same prolific photographer also took pictures, top left and centre right, of South View School, Yeadon at Whitsuntide in around1900.

A picture from 1914, bottom left, shows Yeadon St Andrews Church Senior Sunday School scholars on a walk to mark the festival.

The final image, bottom right, shows children and adults from Rawdon’s Baptist Chapel and was taken in 1893.

Aireborough Historical Society’s website says: “Whitsuntide or the Feast of the Pentecost begins on the 7th Sunday after Easter and celebrates the descent of the Holy Ghost to the 12 Apostles.

“Whit walks were an annual event when groups from different churches would progress through their locality as a token of their faith.

“It was also customary for new clothes to be worn on Whit Sunday, this was a great day for children of poorer families, often it would be the only time they would have clothes bought specially for them, usually they would wear hand-me-downs or second hand garments.

“They would call on family, friends and neighbours to display their finery and would be rewarded with a few pennies.”