THE IMPORTANCE of naming and dating photographs can be seen in these pictures of unknown men.

The pictures all appear on the website of Aireborough Historical Society with appeals for information about them.

Archivist Carlo Harrison said: “Loads of people have guessed as to who they might be, where the photos were taken but, in most cases, it’s just guesswork.

“What a shame, but it just shows that our ancestors didn’t appreciate the importance of recording information to go with the pictures.

“At the time of taking, each one of these men would be instantly recognisable to their mums, dads and siblings, move on and they are recognised as dads.

“Move on again and some will be recognisable as grandads, move on again and an odd one or two would be recognisable as great grandads.

“Move on again, it’s lost, they have become nameless men.”

The man swathed in a fur coat was pictured in Ned Lamb’s photographic studio in Yeadon. The picture was donated by Christine Spink who also donated the image of the motorcyclist.