HAUNTING images taken by an amateur photographer show life in a Yeadon mill as the Victorian era drew to an end.

Day to day life in Manor Mill was captured by manager Ernest Ethelbert Slater - a prolific photographer who has left behind a remarkable collection not just from his home town but from around the wider area and overseas.

All the photographs on this page are from the archives of Aireborough Historical society and are thought to have been taken in around 1900.

The two pictures on the left were donated by John Hallawell. The elderly man - R Smith- was aged 83 and still working at a time when there were no state benefits to fall back on. He is shown carrying out a procedure known as warping.

The lower image is described by the historical society’s website, which says: Two men are undertaking the task known as willeying, a willey is a cone shaped machine which opens out the bales of wool and removes dirt and dust.”

The right hand photographs show finished cloth being inspected, the mills boilers - with a ghostly figure crouched between, and a worker carrying out his task.