MORE than a century of history is captured in these old photographs taken in the traditional heart of Guiseley.

Towngate is displayed in the top left corner of a postcard of Guiseley dating back to 1913.

A series of photographs from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society show the changes in the street and the local people over the decades.

The oldest of these pictures was taken in 1900 and shows the old smithy. A line of men and children stand in front of the building. The man in the doorway could be the blacksmith. The smithy was pulled down in 1907 for road improvements.

In 1906 a group of boys were pictured at the Old Cross stocks in front of the Cross Inn. The cross which had given both their names had been destroyed and a gas lamp can be seen set into the stump. The cross was restored in 1913 and can be seen in later pictures. The inn closed in 1967, and the last landlord was Fred Wilson.

In 1923 a crowd of people could be seen on Towngate outside Orchard House. Many of the women are wearing fashionable cloche hats. A later picture shows cars on the street.