GENERATIONS of children spent a large part of their childhood at South View School which played an important role in Yeadon for more than 120 years.

Snapshots into the lives of some of those youngsters can be seen in a series of photographs from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society.

The school was built in 1884 and demolished in 2005, making way for Rufford Park Primary.

The land in front of the school would be built on to form part of Brooklands Crescent.

A very early picture taken at South View shows young pupils in 1898. Another old photograph shows children dressed in finery in the playground.

Fast forward half a century or so and a nursery class of girls can be seen featured in a photograph.

An older class of boys appear in a picture for which some names have been supplied by the donor Kelvin Grace.

Among the boys are Jack Lawson, Peter Stanhope, Derik Ward, Cyril Leming, Tom Grace and Mickey Metcalf.

Some of those pictured had the surnames Collins, Long, Morris, Sutcliff and Scott.