A PROLIFIC Victorian photographer who died more than 90 years ago is still giving us fascinating insights into a bygone age.

Ernest Ethelbert Slater, born in 1850, has left us with a treasure trove of images from his home town of Yeadon and from his travels around the globe.

The son of Philomen Slater who was the author of The History of the Ancient Parish of Guiseley, Ernest was the manager of Manor Mill and lived in Hopeville House in Yeadon.

Much of his extensive collection of work can be seen on the website of Aireborough Historical Society.

One entry on the website says: “Thanks to his interest in photography we have many images of life in the area 113 years or so ago which give us a prime source of historical material.”

Ernest can be seen sitting by the pond in his garden at Hopeville, and in the family grouping in which he is on the left holding a young child.

He was a founder of Yeadon Camera Club, and is pictured with fellow members .

Other images, taken by Ernest, show a young girl playing a violin and a Whit Monday chapel walk, thought to have been taken in 1891.

Ernest died in 1928.