125 Years Ago - 1893

A rough-haired fox terrier belonging to Mr. Lister, a visitor at Craiglands, Ilkley, developed symptoms of rabies on Monday. A veterinary surgeon was called in, and with assistance destroyed the dog.

Addingham, like most places, is just now suffering from the strike of the colliers. Messrs. Lister & Co., Low Mills, have a very scanty supply of both coal and water, and, in consequence, there has been a great deal of short time.

100 Years Ago - 1918

In this district, as well as elsewhere, German prisoners are helping with the harvest, and have proved of very great value. As a rule they are said to be good workers, and efforts to please on their part have been rewarded, in some instances with a little addition to their daily Government ration. One Wharfedale farmer allowed his good nature to extend so far as to provide the men he employed with dishes of roast potatoes and milk puddings, but the authorities have put their foot down on this sort of thing, and Fritz in future has to be served with nothing except what he gets at his particular depot, unless it be a cup of coffee, milk, or similar drink. Some farmers complain that the men are under fed, but from all accounts they fare very handsomely indeed compared with our own men who are prisoners in Germany.

A hundred wounded soldiers were entertained to tea at the Leeds Philosophical Hall, on Friday, by Miss Wood, of Ben Rhydding. An interesting lecture on natural history was delivered by Professor Garstang, of the Leeds University.

75 Year Ago - 1943

Official notification has been received that Sergt. Jack Bullock, eldest son of Mr and Mrs G. Bullock, West Terrace, Burley, is missing from an operational flight. Aged 22, he was a wireless-air-gunner and this was his 28th operation. He joined the Royal Air Force in August 1941. It is exactly nine months since his brother-in-law, Fred Peace, was reported missing from operations. Bullock was engaged to be married to a girl in the Services.

Mrs Dorothy Hopper, Orchard Street, Otley, has received official intimation that her younger brother, Ordinary Seaman Bernard Brogan, aged 19, is missing presumed killed on war service. Ord. Seaman Brogan joined the Royal Navy in January. He served as a submarine detector on board a corvette and had been on convoy duties in the Atlantic for six months. During this time he docked at various ports in America and on one occasion visited Washington. Writing home he said he was having a grand time, and that he enjoyed his new life immensely.

50 Years Ago - 1968

The centenary of Wells Road Methodist Church is being celebrated in October with a series of special services and gatherings. The foundation stone of the chapel was laid in August, 1868. Methodism came to the locality about 1774. The Rev. William Grimshaw, Rector of Haworth, a friend and associate of John Wesley, is quoted as saying - “About the year 1774, God was pleased to visit Addingham ... and many other places. The Lord has done wonderful things in all these places.”

Whilst traffic passing through Ilkley can be heavy, it is not true to say that continuously it is so. It is possible to find periods when the traffic is light, and sometimes when it does not exist. One of those occasions was for a time on Tuesday morning this week when there was not a vehicle to be seen in Leeds Road.

25 Years Ago - 1993

MARAUDING sheep are sweeping down from Ilkley Moor to pillage gardens - and the raiders may be members of a super-intelligent sub-species. The notoriously stupid animals seem to have taken a massive evolutionary step forward. For reports suggest they may have learnt to roll over a cattle grid in order to reach the ‘gardens of plenty’ near the Craiglands Hotel and Cowpasture Road.

A photograph purporting to show an alien on Ilkley Moor will be on view in the town next week. The picture will form part of a special evening when the mysteries of the moor will be revealed. Eye-witness reports of spaceship sightings are also lined up.