Keelham Kitchen

Keelham Farm Shop

Gargrave Road


BD23 1UD

01756 664170

Opening Times


Every day – 8.00am to 6.00pm

Cakes on the Mezz (Tea/Coffee and Cake)

Every day - 10.00am to 5.00pm

Coffee £1.65

Sandwich £5.95

Scone - £2.50

Our destination today is Gargrave and we are swinging round the Skipton by-pass when Dizzy Goddughter (DG) remembers a must-see café she’s had recommended, and insists on a short detour. We squeeze into the last empty space in the large carpark – This looks promising…

Once inside we are mesmerised by the extent and quality of this amazing farm shop. Winding our way past displays of dew-fresh fruit, vegetables, cheeses, shelves of jams and preserves and crusty loaves emerging from the oven. Our senses are on high alert and we know we will be leaving with full shopping bags. But first we follow our noses to our impromptu coffee venue. The café is filling up nicely with folk enjoying hearty looking sandwiches, nicely accompanied by a goodly seasonal salad; or handsome bowls of chunky soup with hunks of fresh bread. Mains include bangers and mash, steak and chips and pie of the day – all the ingredients being locally sourced and available from the shop.

But we’ve stopped for a drink and are not to be diverted. We head up the stairs (there’s also a lift) to the mezzanine floor, aptly named Cakes On The Mezz, where the offering is simply cake and drinks. We skirt past the lip smacking display of today’s cake offering - no less than 12, the more unusual of which being cornflake tart and caramel and banana cake, along with irresistible specimens of the more traditional cakes, bakes and scones we all love.

Our table complements the general medley of up-cycled furniture that make a contemporary bold statement, and conveniently overlooks the sales hall.

“…the perfect spot for people watching,” observes our waitress. She is, of course right. The picture below is a colourful mass of eager shoppers feverishly contemplating, sampling and selecting.

I learn that the philosophy driving Victoria and James Robertshaw (proprietors and third generation farmers and butchers) is that fresh, great tasting, affordable, locally sourced food should be available to everyone. Their operation supports over 400 Yorkshire farmers and producers, thereby strengthening the local economy and conserving the local countryside. A highly commendable and quite obviously successful mission.

DG is amply satisfied with her creamy and rich hot chocolate, my coffee is a robust brew, and the giant scone and cappuccino on the next table is devoured with such relish, a second helping is ordered!

We continue on our way promising ourselves that our next visit must be more than a brief pit-stop.

by Angela Cunningham