AWARD-WINNING Bizzie Lizzie’s in Skipton has introduced gluten-free fish and chips to its restaurant and takeaway in Swadford Street.

The restaurant, which has just been named Northern Life magazine’s Fish and Chip champions, believes the alternative to the traditional and much-loved dish will become a firm favourite.

Up until now, coeliacs and those with an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten have had to steer clear from traditional batter because of the wheat flour - one of the key ingredients in the batter normally used to coat fish.

But now, thanks to a gluten-free batter, they too can enjoy a traditional fish and chip supper.

The batter uses a mixture of rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat and gram flours - all entirely gluten free.

And the mix has been carefully chosen to create both a crispy and tasty batter.

And customers need not worry that their gluten-free meal will be contaminated by traditional batters, as the frying range will have a part dedicated to the new dish.

“The number of people suffering from either coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity seems to be increasing and we were receiving more and more requests for gluten-free options,” said Bizzie’s marketing director, Katie Davison.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy our award-winning fish and chips, which is why we are thrilled that we can now offer gluten-free battered fish and chips.”

And it doesn’t just stop at fish and chips, customers can enjoy a complete three-course meal.

“This means Swadford Street can now provide a totally gluten-free three course meal, homemade soup to start - with a gluten free bread roll - grilled chicken breast, battered fish or chilli con carne served with chips, salad or garden peas for the main course followed by a selection of gluten-free desserts,” said Katie.

Despite gluten-free batter being more expensive, Bizzie Lizzie’s will be providing their gluten-free battered fish at exactly the same price as their normal battered fish. Each fillet of gluten-free fish will be cooked to order so there may be a small wait.

Meanwhile, Bizzie’s is delighted after being voted fish and chip champions by Northern Life.

“We are very proud winners of Northern Life Fish and Chips Champions and would like to thank everyone who voted for us.”