The new DS 5 stands out from the crowd with its quirky and distinctive looks.

At first, it doesn't have the appearance of a family car - but it's actually a pretty good one.

While its avant-garde styling might be the first thing to catch the eye, the room and practicality it provides are equally important.

Citroen's bold decision to resurrect its famous DS car badge, which first appeared in the mid 1950s, is undoubtedly reaping rewards - so much so that DS is now a standalone brand.

Indeed, DS versions of some of Citroen’s latest models have propelled the French car maker back to the forefront of motorists' minds.

The new DS 5, which went on sale this summer, features two trim levels, Elegance and Prestige, along with a new THP 165 petrol engine, three BlueHDi Diesels and a Euro 6 compliant Hybrid 4x4 drivetrain.

To mark 60 years since the unveiling of the original DS at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, a DS 5 1955 Limited Edition, tested here, has been made available to celebrate the occasion. Resplendent in a new Ink Blue body colour, with 1955 badging, the model is based on the Elegance trim level and offers extra equipment as standard, including Criollo semi-aniline ‘watch strap’ leather seats and LED Vision headlights.

The car’s face has gained even more character, with the key styling feature being the chrome sabre running from the tip of the headlamp to the front window.

Whatever angle it is viewed from, there no mistaking the new model.

The rear view further underlines the flagship status of the car, with its wide track, striking rear light signature and twin tailpipes integrated within the rear bumper.

Inside the car, the first thing you notice is the roof, which has three separate glass areas, creating an unique atmosphere withing the cabin.

Meanwhile, the colour touchscreen gives the driver easy access to all in-car functions, from music through to satellite navigation.

The drive itself is smooth, with the running gear having been upgraded since the model was first launched. When cornering at a brisk pace, the car handles superbly and feels very stable.

The more comfortable ride is partly down to the shock absorbers gaining pre-loaded linear valve technology, which limits sudden changes in damping force.

At the same time, the compression stroke is longer, meaning the DS5 soaks up bumps and dips in the road much more effectively.

In the face of current environmental and fuel economy challenges, DS describes its BlueHDi engines as clean, powerful and efficient diesel units.

The turbocharged 150hp engine seemed nippy enough in most situations although, with the sprint from 0-62mph taking nearly 11 seconds, there might not be any out and out thrills to be had. However, a fuel economy figure of nearly 70mpg suggests that a balance has been struck between outright speed and excellent fuel economy.


DS5 1955 Special edition BlueHDi 150hp

Engine: 1997cc turbocharged four cylinder in-line diesel

Performance: Max speed of 127mph and 0-62 in 10.9 secs

Emissions: 105g/km

Fuel economy: 68.9mpg combined

Price: £29,600

Warranty: 3 years, 60,000 miles

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