The mouthwatering Lexus RC F is a real head-turner - both in terms of its aggressive styling and throaty engine roar.

This high-performance sports car comes equipped with the Premium Japanese brand's most powerful V8 engine to date, generating more than 450bhp.

The RC F, which went on sale in the UK earlier this year, has a 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated engine.

Some purists have questioned if the car's weight, which is around the 4,000-pounds mark, hinders its outright agility and response when compared to other sports coupes, especially when tested on the racing circuit.

But in the real world, owners who use the RC F on a daily basis on normal public roads probably won't notice the difference because the car's acceleration and handling are more than sufficient.

The vehicle's exterior is all-new, complete with a big front grille, bonnet bulges, large alloy wheels and wide wheel arches. If you're tempted to subscribe to the theory that Lexus has a reputation for refined yet conservative cars, then this machine is sure to change your mind.

Indeed, great credit must go to Lexus for allowing its designers to get a bit carried away with the RC F.

The result is a car with an all-round aggressive stance that looks like no other car in the range and certainly catches the eye.

Inside, it has plenty of equipment as standard, while the driving position has plenty of adjustment.

The standard sports seats are superbly comfortable, while the cabin is well built and noise levels when cruising are well managed.

In terms of space and practicality, the RC F is a two-door coupe, meaning access to the front and rear seats is through a long door on each side.

Once passengers have clambered into the back, the space available to them is quite reasonable; and there’s just two seats rather than a bench which makes for more elbow room.

Meanwhile, the boot is pretty spacious, with 366 litres on offer.

One feature of the week-long loan was the all-too-frequent trips to the petrol station. If you drive like a saint, you may get more than 35mpg. But, in truth, the fantastic V8 noise - with a throaty rumble reminiscent of an American muscle car, encourages you to work the engine hard with the inevitable consequence of increased fuel usage that leaves you closer to 17mpg.

At its best, the RC F will throw you back in your seat as it performs the sprint from 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds, which is unquestionably fast.

Indeed, such is the responsive nature of the car in Sport mode, especially when using the paddles, that you could be forgiven for forgetting that eco mode and normal mode even exist!

RC F has a comprehensive specification, in fact you can see just how much kit it has by virtue of the fact that the options list is very short indeed. You get a high-end audio system with satellite navigation, 19-inch wheels, a mechanical limited-slip differential, a leather interior and the impressive sports seats. The only options on the standard car are the electronic differential and the Mark Levinson audio system.

With this offering, there is every sign that Lexus can attract buyers who would otherwise go for the default German options such as the Audi RS5 and BMW M4.


Lexus RC F, £59,995

Engine: 5.0-litre petrol unit producing 471bhp and 391lb/ft of torque

Transmission: Eight-speed automatic driving the rear wheels

Performance: Top speed 168mph (electronically limited), 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds

Economy: 26.2mpg combined

Emissions: 252g/km of CO2

Insurance group: 48E





SPACE: ****



VALUE: ****

OVERALL: *****