Otley’s ultra-runner Chris Carver finished first in Friday’s ULTRArace 100 miler by 55 minutes only to be disqualified for taking a wrong turn and only running 99.5 miles.

Carver said: “The course record for this circular race between Stratford-Upon-Avon and Cirencester is 18 hours and 38 minutes and I recorded 17:43:45.”

He added: “The race started at noon and it rained solidly from 5pm to 4am and in those conditions, at night, on unlit country lanes, navigating with photocopied maps and a head-torch, it's easy to miss a direction sticker the size of a mobile phone stuck to a lamppost or road sign. I have only myself to blame though.

“I know I'll be back, though, because I enjoyed it so much but then I always enjoy these long races.”

The race was won by Robert Treadwell in 18:37:24.